Special Issue: The COVID Crisis

We’re deep in a massive economic and social crisis and we’ve got the energy and ideas and they don’t. Now is not the time to be shy!
The failed response to COVID-19 is standard operating procedure for America’s elites.
Capitalism organizes the most basic social activities in ways that clash with the natural world.
Representative governments are suffering from systematic political decay. To resolve the crisis of democracy, we need new organs of popular power.
The pandemic isn't just a public health crisis. It's a constitutional crisis too.
The Depression-era labor upsurge provides important lessons for organizing in the midst of crisis today.
The “shell of the old” is rotten, but can co-ops endure to prefigure a socialist world together?
The pandemic shows the need for a bottom-up approach to building a new society - model socialist political economies at the municipal level.
In the midst of social crisis, mutual aid can help build collective infrastructure, and promote a parallel, shared economy.

Winter 2020

As DSA continues to grow and develop, our approach to doing international politics needs to reflect and build upon those changes.
To build working-class power and confront the crisis of climate change, DSA must fully merge with the multinational working class in the U.S.
Democratic socialist internationalism must reject the inverted nationalism of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”
Democratic socialists need an internationalist anti-imperialism that builds solidarity from below with progressive currents in Hong Kong and mainland China.
Rodrigo Duterte enjoys popular support, but it may not last forever. Filipinos have a history of overthrowing oppressive rulers. We have a responsibility to stop our government from supporting the state that suppresses them.
Lebanon's revolutionary turmoil has opened up national possibilities beyond sectarianism. The fight for women's freedom is central to building trans-sectarian unity and a new beginning for Lebanon.
The Sanders movement can help European comrades adapt to the Americanization of political parties.
We stand with the movements in Latin America fighting against their own elites and outside intervention to uphold the neoliberal status quo.
An interview with André Frappier of Québec solidaire
How can today's anti-war and internationalist activists rebuild the movement? The Central America solidarity movement of the 1980s offers lessons for the present.
We must go beyond simply voicing solidarity with global struggles, and fight for new structures and institutions to make socialist internationalism substantive worldwide.
The resurgent U.S. left needs a cultural strategy. Latin America's Nueva Canción movement can be an important source of inspiration.
Socialists in the U.S. have a proud tradition of anti-war and anti-imperialist action. It's time to revive that tradition and end the endless wars.
Socialists need to develop foreign policy expertise and appeal to active duty troops and veterans to rebuild an effective anti-war movement.

Fall 2019

The slogan “immigrant rights are workers rights” is not mere rhetoric. The defense of migrants and refugees, the vast majority of whom are poor workers, is pivotal to the struggle of the entire global working class.
U.S.-born women workers have effectively gone on a birth strike, and that's freaking out an establishment fighting with itself over immigration policy and reproductive freedom.
Support for open borders not simply the only morally defensible position. It also opens up an alternate strategy to building workers’ power.
A century ago, the U.S.’s open border policy was a lifeline to persecuted European Jews. Open borders have saved lives before and can again.
Democratic socialists must defend the universal human right to migrate - and the right to stay home.
Immigrants should come to the U.S. voluntarily - not because they've been forced to by conditions our government bears a responsibility for creating in the first place.
Despite relative improvements, refugees continue to flee Central America for the U.S. Faced with widespread poverty and violence, migrants see no real choice but to make the long and dangerous journey north.
Here are stories of students and farmers, priests and protesters - stories of a modern exodus and a struggle for freedom.
What would a focus on transnational solidarity in general, and solidarity with the Palestinian cause in particular, offer to left politics in the U.S.?
Turkey helps us understand the importance of ideology, belief systems, and values in understanding the role of migration in global political economy.