About Us

Socialist Forum is an open and wide-ranging venue for thoughtful discussion and debate among DSA members. It is intended to provide a space for political reflection that is theoretical, strategic, and long-term, and aims to help develop a theory and practice of democratic socialism appropriate for the twenty-first century.

Contributions will represent as wide a range of views in DSA as possible. The editorial board of Socialist Forum is composed of members with various points of view on important political questions, and it does not adhere to a single theoretical or strategic perspective. As a result, the essays published in the journal reflect the views of the specific contributors, and are not intended to establish a DSA “party line” on any given issue.

Our goal is not simply to publish a new issue of Socialist Forum every few months, but to integrate the publication into DSA’s ongoing political education work as much as possible. Our hope is that the essays that appear in the journal become the subjects of robust debate and discussion, that they generate constructive feedback and criticism, and that they act as the initial steps for an ongoing conversation about our common political project.  

Socialist Forum Editorial Committee

Arash Azizi
Chris Maisano
Kalena Thomhave

Questions and inquiries may be sent to socialistforum[at]dsausa.org.