Fall 2018

Table of Contents

Richmond, California has become a bastion of independent working-class politics. One of Richmond's leading organizers explains how they did it and the possibilities of expanding the movement.
The political revolution can't be limited to election campaigns - it must be brought into our workplaces and unions too. The future of the labor movement and socialist politics depends on it.
Left approaches to electoral politics often fail to confront the undemocratic nature of our political system. The political revolution won't succeed unless democratic socialists prioritize electoral reform.
Bernie Sanders will probably run for president again in 2020. Democratic socialists should start thinking about what to do if he wins.
How can democratic socialists build power in and against the capitalist state? The work of Nicos Poulantzas provides us with a useful starting point.
Abstention from reform struggles leads to ineffectual and irrelevant sectarian politics. Socialists must join them — and, where possible, lead them.
Political revolution is a process, not an event - and we can start it now by creating new institutions wherever we live and work.
A new political system will require a new social and economic base. Worker cooperatives, community land trusts, and participatory budgeting can help get us there.
Democratic socialists should support reform fights, but our goal is a new kind of state and a socialist economy.
When we envision the world we're fighting to create, we must prioritize the impact of trauma in our organizing work.