Special Issue: The COVID Crisis

Table of Contents

We’re deep in a massive economic and social crisis and we’ve got the energy and ideas and they don’t. Now is not the time to be shy!
The failed response to COVID-19 is standard operating procedure for America’s elites.
Capitalism organizes the most basic social activities in ways that clash with the natural world.
Representative governments are suffering from systematic political decay. To resolve the crisis of democracy, we need new organs of popular power.
The pandemic isn't just a public health crisis. It's a constitutional crisis too.
The Depression-era labor upsurge provides important lessons for organizing in the midst of crisis today.
The “shell of the old” is rotten, but can co-ops endure to prefigure a socialist world together?
The pandemic shows the need for a bottom-up approach to building a new society - model socialist political economies at the municipal level.
In the midst of social crisis, mutual aid can help build collective infrastructure, and promote a parallel, shared economy.