Spring 2024

Table of Contents

A YDSA member reflects on the New York University encampment and prospects for the solidarity movement.
How are local, national, and international labor organizations contributing practical solidarity to the people of Palestine?
Growing labor's power today will depend on our own dogged efforts against the grain of today's social and political conditions.
A history of general strikes provides valuable lessons as we prepare to meet UAW President Shawn Fain's call for a general strike in 2028.
DSA should stick to the long-term project of building a fighting labor movement and eventually a political party representing its interests.
A politics of care is necessary to address the issues with care work as an often neglected, frequently exploited form of labor.
A father and son, both members of DSA, talk about the challenges facing our organization and our movement.
The history of struggles for a democratic constitution remains relevant because the U.S. was not a democracy in the past and it isn’t now.
Without safeguards, paid political leadership could undermine what it seeks to bolster—member democracy.