Spring/Summer 2019

Table of Contents

Electoral politics can play a key role in reorganizing the working class and stimulating social organization on a mass scale.
DSA electoral activists should begin to build an organized democratic socialist faction within party structures across the country.
A democratized caucus within the Democratic Party could serve as a vehicle for building popular power from below.
Is it possible to pursue independent political action while avoiding the dead end of third-partyism? The practice of Bernie Sanders in Vermont suggests it might be.
A conversation with Chicago DSA organizer Lillian Osborne on how socialist campaigns can build lasting power.
How to Use Data and Open-Source Software to Figure Out Where to Focus Our Energy in 2020.
In 2020, the task for labor activists is going all-out for Bernie while building the unity necessary to defeat Trump.
If the rising socialist left wants to consolidate itself as a mass political force, it must build a strong and effective coalition with social democrats.
Four years into Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, the Labour Party is at a crossroads.