Spring/Summer 2023

Table of Contents

DSA is not in crisis, but we are in a new political moment. Will we keep building together or head back to the political wilderness?
A DSA-led coalition just passed a major climate justice law in New York State. Two campaign organizers tell us how did they did it.
The next step for the movement should be a Campaign for a National General Strike.
Veteran leaders and members of DSA talk about the past, present and future of the leading democratic socialist organization in the US.
The approach to mass politics that made Bernie Sanders a singularly effective socialist politician should remain our north star. 
DSA members in Vermont are building new unions and strengthening existing ones through a simple but powerful organizing practice.
DSA has a low barrier to entry, but high barriers to participation. Building more inviting and inclusive chapter cultures can help fix this.
Prospects for a decisive electoral realignment are quite slim. Realism dictates that we develop strategies suitable for the losing side.
The German Marxist philosopher's work can help us understand fascism and how to fight it.
Hubert Harrison's classic 1912 programmatic statement on an enduring question facing the US socialist movement.