Summer 2021

Table of Contents

Milt Tambor's memoir of his life in the movement offers a treasure trove of insights and lessons for democratic socialists today.
Three DSA International Committee members discuss their views on the body’s evolution and socialist internationalism today.
A veteran DSA member reflects on the recent national convention and our organization's tasks moving forward.
The Bernie Sanders presidential campaigns transformed politics and revived the US Left. Where does the Left go now that this unifying focus has passed?
Unrest alone is unable to shift the political landscape in favor of working and oppressed people. To build sustainable power, we need permanent institutions.
Marx's thought makes us think about alternatives, even when it doesn't give a clear vision of that alternative or a means to achieve it.
Despite severe repression, the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) built a working-class culture that can inspire us today.
Any realistic timeline for a transition to socialism will take a century or two, and there is room for statist and non-statist strategies of all kinds.
An important new book chronicles the long and intimate relationship between queerness and socialist politics.
Three quarters of US college faculty are “contingent.” But they aren’t taking it lying down.