Summer 2022

Table of Contents

The proliferation of weapons in the US is a legacy of our country’s violent, settler-colonial history. The gun industry needs to be targeted and opposed as a capitalist death machine.
DSA Fund Chair David Duhalde speaks with the Left Anchor podcast about the issues and dilemmas facing democratic socialists today.
Electoral & legislative campaigns are indispensable to building working-class organizations where people live and work.
There may be no ethical consumption under capitalism, but socialists still shouldn't try to rationalize antisocial products and behaviors.
Socialist-feminists should focus on campaigns to win real benefits for working-class women, regardless of how those campaigns will be “perceived” by the media, NGOs, or Twitter.
We need a strategic path that rejects both neoliberal globalization and authoritarian capitalism - and leads towards an ecosocialist future.
The socialist movement should return to the great poet for a remarkably prescient source of inspiration and vision.
A new book on the 1970s public interest movement raises an important question: What would it look like for state institutions to really be more democratic and serve the will of ordinary Americans?