Winter 2019
Winter 2019

Table of Contents

Swift, large-scale changes are needed, but they cannot be accomplished without a sober assessment of the history of environmental activism.
Climate change will create an opening for socialist politics by breaking the link between capitalist growth and political legitimacy.
An effective ecosocialist politics can't just focus on dire threats to scare us into action. It must also convince people that a better future is possible.
On the strained relation between unions and environmentalists, the limits of narrative change, and a winning strategy for a Green New Deal.
Winning a Green New Deal will require mass action that divides capital against itself and delivers the changes we need to avoid climate catastrophe.
DSA chapters around the country are taking a leading role in the fight for energy democracy and a green energy transition.
On the relationship climate politics and human freedom, the Green New Deal, and the links between democracy and climate justice.
As our understanding of material conditions shift fundamentally, so too must the ways in which we understand socialism itself.
The challenge of climate change demands nothing less than the creation of new forms of democratic socialist internationalism.
A socialist approach to ending sprawl must rely on two core concepts: socializing wealth and ending social alienation.
Democratic socialists have a unique set of ideas and organizational skills to contribute to the do-or-die struggle for survival.
To deal with climate change, we must build socialist financial and market institutions that transcend social democracy and ensure a just transition.
If we want a just transition, we'll have to successfully champion security and stability more effectively than would-be climate authoritarians.
Can the working class still change the world?