Winter 2021

Table of Contents

Three DSA National Political Committee members discuss the elections and the tasks ahead.
The Left is now a meaningful force in American political life. It's time to take stock of what we've learned and what to do next.
DSA should focus our energies on joining and building a Left alliance capable of winning socialist demands.
Instead of finding the next Bernie in 2024, DSA and the broad Left should use our new strength to focus on down ballot and local candidates.
The Trump administration highlighted the many flaws of America's constitutional system. We need a comprehensive program of democratic reform.
The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the fragility of our food system. Is there a solution to the long crisis of US agriculture?
President Biden will likely continue Trump's pro-Modi policy. Support for the fight against Hindu supremacism in India is urgently needed.
The 2020 election and its tumultuous aftermath sets the stage for a major battle to defend and expand democracy.
If Democrats cannot be brought to fight for a better world, their election victories will be hollow.
Maine's coastal communities depend on lobstering to survive. Between trade wars and rising ocean temperatures, their future is uncertain.