Winter/Spring 2023

Table of Contents

We'll spend a lot of time debating strategy at the national convention. But to make any of them work we'll need new and better tactics.
How can we effectively balance our two main strategic imperatives – the need to be a “party of opposition” and a “party of government” - at the same time?
Cannabis legalization has created big companies that monopolize the industry and bust unions. What can cannabis workers do to fight them?
A farmer and DSA member takes a critical look at the farm labor crisis in the US.
Fans deserve control over the teams whose uniforms they wear and players they support - not oligarchs and human rights abusers.
Taiwan's self determination is at the heart of the most challenging geopolitical contest of the century. Democratic socialists need an approach which is at once peaceful, socialist, and democratic.
Acknowledging our weakness on the international stage is not a call for nihilism, but a prerequisite for determining what we can actually do.
A new generation of socialist activists has discovered Vivian Gornick's memoir of life in The Party. What are they seeing there?
Kim Moody's newest book fails to make a convincing case for turning away from Democratic Party primary elections. But it is a useful prompt for thinking about how to bridge gaps between electoral and labor organizing.
Democratic socialists have been fighting to transform the United Auto Workers for decades, a project that is finally starting to bear fruit.